‘Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnaman Investigated For Rape Accusation

Wikimedia Commons, By Thomas Wolf

“Suicide Squad” star Joel Kinnaman is being investigated for rape allegations in Sweden, but he claims that his accuser is an obsessive ex out to destroy him.

The announcement that Kinnaman, 41, was under investigation came on Wednesday, but the actor’s legal representatives said the alleged victim had only gone to the authorities after the “For All Mankind” star had already been granted a restraining order against her. 

Last week, Kinnaman publicly posted that he was being extorted by Swedish model Gabriella Magnusson, who goes by the name Bella Davis, and that he had filed both a restraining order against her in Los Angeles and an extortion complaint in Sweden.

“It appears that after learning of the restraining order, she filed her complaint,” his attorney Patricia Glaser remarked.

“The court papers that Mr. Kinnaman filed stated, among other things, that Ms. Davis threatened to publicize false information about Mr. Kinnaman – including that he had sex with her against her will – unless he capitulated to her monetary and other demands, which included Hollywood introductions, a work visa sponsorship, a blue verification checkmark on Instagram, and more.”

Kinnaman detailed his reasons for filing the protection order on Instagram last Friday.  

“Earlier this morning, I filed for a restraining order against a woman who has been threatening to physically harm me and my family and loved ones, and attempting to extort money and other things of value from me,” the actor wrote.

He said that Davis threatened to fabricate “vile rumors” about him if he didn’t fork over $400,000, secure her a U.S. visa, provide Hollywood connections, and arrange a Sports Illustrated photoshoot amongst other demands. 

Kinnaman admitted to having “a brief romantic relationship” with Davis in late 2018 on two occasions, and after he became involved in a relationship with a different woman, she contacted him obsessively in 2019 and 2020. When he ignored her, she tried communicating with him through other people’s phones, and the messages became increasingly “antagonistic, threatening, and frightening” as time went on. 

Recently, she threatened to publicize false information about the actor, including that he had sex with her against her will if he did not meet her demands. To mitigate the situation, Kinnaman recorded a phone conversation, where Davis confirmed that the sex was consensual.  

After he refused to provide her with what she tried to extort, Davis threatened that her convicted felon brother would harm Kinnaman and his family.

“Her threats of violence against me and my loved ones became so serious and specific that I felt I had no choice but to seek a restraining order,” he wrote.

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Mariana T. Sims
Mariana T. Sims
2 months ago