The Most Beautiful Women Who Love The 2nd Amendment on Social Media

Check out the #girlswithguns on Instagram. They’re strapped and ready to defend our freedom.  

Texas Gunslinger

@heyitscodee says you want her on your team during the zombie apocalypse: I’m a good shot & I don’t eat a lot or need a lot of clothing sooo basically, you want me on your team.”

Automatically Sexy

@mis_nikol is on her shoot.

Red Riding Hood

@juli_m_flamingogirl thinks every woman should wear red, even in the woods.

Guns and Glenlivet

@lovie_malespin is into single malts and automatic weapons.

Woman Crush Wednesday

Strapped for training.

Fly Girl

@the1sam__juan is ready to go undercover.

Barrel and Bikini

@_april_nicol won’t be infringed upon.

Armed and Dangerously Hot

@mis_nikol is ready to in Las Vegas with her AK-47.

Hot Cop

@haleyd_26 is Fortworth fine.

Strapped and See-through

@robcano_photo is a badass with big heart.

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5 months ago
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Keep selling [email protected] and safety pins and coloring books and lap dogs to your libby snow flake friends, Nov 3 is around the corner .

5 months ago