‘Tiger King’ Calls Trump ‘A Fool’ For Not Pardoning Him

Flickr, by Gage Skidmore

Joe Exotic says Netflix’s second season of docuseries mega-hit “Tiger King” proves he’s innocent, and accused former president Donald Trump of being “a fool” for not granting him a full pardon.

The first season documented Exotic’s rivalry with big cat activist Carole Baskin, and concluded with his conviction for a failed murder-for-hire plot against her. The second season focuses on Exotic and others who were involved in the scheme doubling back on accusations of his guilt. 

The 58-year-old zoo owner was convicted of taking a hit out on Baskin in 2019, and sentenced to 22 year in prison, but has maintained his innocence.

“President Trump was a fool not to pardon me,” he wrote in a letter from prison. “Before the election, millions of people were hoping for it as they know I’m innocent, most of this is in TK2 [‘Tiger King 2’] and it will be the same for President Biden, the world will know the truth and him and VP Harris ran on justice and prison reform.”   

He said Biden would cost the Democratic party votes in the upcoming elections if he wasn’t released from prison.

“It would be in the interest of American Justice for President Biden to pardon me before the holidays and charge those with perjury and other suitable charges, or the injustice is really going to cost votes in 2022 as the people wonder if this could happen to them under his watch,” Exotic continued. 

The second season of Tiger King refutes Allen Glover’s admission to investigators that he was hired by Exotic to kill Baskin. Glover himself admits that he and Exotic’s former business partner, Jeff Lowe, set him up so they could steal his zoo. Glover also alleges the duo were planning to murder the Tiger King, himself by decapitating him with a wire while he rode an ATV.

Exotic claims to have “sworn affidavits” from Glover admitting that he lied to a grand jury, and claims the would-be assassin took the series producers to his former Oklahoma zoo to show them where the planned execution was to take place. 

“The feds and Jeff Lowe made him say I did and he under oath admitted that he and Jeff + Lauren Lowe’s original plan was to kill me to get the zoo,” he wrote.

“I was the largest breeder in the world. I know everything about their scams is why I’m the only one in jail. They had to kill me or shut me up,” he concluded. “I know the truth, let me speak. Senator Ted Cruz knows the truth. I need America to be my voice!”

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