Top Gun: Maverick’s Real Heroes Keep Politics Out of Hollywood and Save the Theatre Industry

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Commons

Top Gun: Maverick took off with style and is still flying high. This week, the film shot past records and stole the crown as Tom Cruise’s biggest film yet.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout previously claimed that title with $791.1 million earned worldwide. But the critically acclaimed Top Gun sequel took home the title with $806.4 million earned as of Thursday, June 16th.

The movie’s formidable $400 million domestic box office earnings solidify its claim to second place here in the United States. Spider-Man: No Way Home is the only project that can claim to have surpassed its number at $804.7 million domestic.

In early December of 2021, more than 600 movie theatres across North America remained closed after COVID-19 lockdowns. At the time, the movie theatre industry expected to take in only $4 billion in ticket revenue domestically. That is substantially less than half of the $11.4 billion pre-pandemic 2019 revenue. A sad commentary for the film industry to be sure.

In walks Spiderman: No Way Home on December 17th. The film took the industry by storm and showed its face exclusively in theatres. It was a cultural phenomenon and grossed nearly $2 billion globally. Only two movies ever grossed more domestically: Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The two of those also had the advantage of access to almost 20% of the population. Both No way Home and Maverick didn’t hit Chinese markets.

In many ways these two movies revived the box office. In 2019 the world box office total revenue hit a record at $38.8 billion worldwide. In 2020, that number dropped a terrifying 79.5% to 7.9 billion. In 2021, it recovered to $21.3 billion with the help of these two box office titans.

While we aren’t where we used to be, Top Gun: Maverick really did did work to help bring the movie theatre industry back from the precipice. So fret not, AMC doesn’t seem to be leaving us yet. Democrat policies are making it harder to afford movies these days, but as long as we keep them afloat, and as long as movies stay out of politics and bring us quality content, we’ll still keep hold our favorite way to spend a Friday night. So eat popcorn, watch movies, and vote republican.

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