What’s the Mystery Behind the Appearance of These Remote Monoliths?

By Metro Centric - Lisboa / Lisbon, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47420655

Three mysterious silver structures straight out of a sci-fi movie have been discovered in different remote spots around the world in the last two weeks. Now the original has disappeared.  


Wildlife officials made a startling discovery when they were tracking sheep from a helicopter in a remote area of Utah. They touched down and found a 10-12 foot high metal monolith of unknown origins. 


Conspiracy theorists went wild, claiming aliens were responsible for erecting the monolith, which eerily resembles a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.   


John McCracken

But those grounded in reality pointed out that the structure appears to be almost identical to the work of late minimalist artist John McCracken.  

Google Earth

An eagle-eyed Redditor used Google Earth to discover the structure had been erected at the remote location since at least October of 2016. 



Days later another monolith appeared in Romania.

Shoddy Construction

Much to the chagrin of conspiracy theorists, the Romanian version appears to be a copycat knock-off with visible seams and swirl marks.


After the monolith’s coordinates were released, travelers flocked to the remote area to get a snap of the structure, despite warnings to avoid the dangerous area. 

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Disappearing Act

On Saturday November 28th, the monolith had disappeared. Southwest Airlines cheekily posted that they needed it back.  


A photographer captured four men knocking down and dismantling the monolith. 

Another One

A new monolith popped up days later in Atascadero, California.  

Not the Same

The California copy-cat is not the monolith that disappeared from Utah. BASE jumper Andy Lewis claimed to have removed it from nature after witnessing “the damage caused by the Internet sensationalism.” 

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4 months ago

Is a remake coming out for the movie 2001? Maybe is is just hipe for the remake!