Whoopi Goldberg Wants Stacey Abrams To Run For President, Not Governor

Wikimedia Commons, By Daniel Langer

Coming as not much of a shock, the host of The View, a left-wing talk show typically featuring only one Republican, Whoopi Goldberg, wants Stacey Abrams to run for president of the United States. Abrams, currently, is struggling to secure votes to win her race to become the next Governor of Georgia.

The Daily Wire reports:

Whoopi Goldberg threw her support behind Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, while admitting she can’t vote in the state, and said she’d prefer to see the Democrat “run for president” rather than governor.

During an interview Goldberg posted on Instagram on Wednesday, Abrams and “The View” co-host talked about all the reasons they said people should pick her over incumbent Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. According to the latest poll from the University of Georgia, Kemp is currently ahead of Abrams with 51% to 41% of likely voters surveyed choosing the Republican.

“Tracy, Election Day is November 8th,” Goldberg said, misstating Abrams’ first name. “You’re the best person for this job. I think. I mean, I just, I’d rather you just ran for president. But I’ll take you as governor, first. Let’s start there.”

Earlier in the show, Abrams blasted Kemp for reportedly calling her an “angry black woman,” before she corrected herself and claimed the governor actually called her “angry and mad.”

Abrams claimed that every “racist and sexist” trope has been thrown at her because she’s getting close to catching Kemp.

Later in the interview with Stacey Abrams, Whoopi went on to talk about systemic racism. In Whoopi’s opinion, everyone from every minority in America, to LGBTQ, to women in general are affected by “systemic racism.” Not only does this leave absolutely no value to the word “racism,” but it also is a very wordy way to go about her point. By simple deduction, the only people that don’t apply to her definition of “systemic racism” are – you guessed it – straight White males.

There was such little evidence of systemic racism that the conversation was only sparked due to Abrams having a misquote, where instead of “angry and mad”, she lied and said Kemp called her an “angry Black woman.”

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5 months ago


5 months ago

Oh my, what a select choice by the Whoopster! 🙄

5 months ago

I wish she would run for President. I would love to see her get smashed on a national level. Maybe some of the woke clowns would wake up.
I also think Whoopi should give her a ton of money to kick off her campaign.