Rob Lowe Shocks Liberals By Revealing His Friendship With Justice Clarence Thomas

Actor Rob Lowe shocked liberals when he revealed to late-night host Conan O’Brien that he has a friendship with conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Actor Rob Lowe stunned late-night host Conan O’Brien this week when he revealed his friendship with conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Speaking about his hosting gig on the FOX quiz show “Mental Samurai,” Lowe revealed that Clarence Thomas would be one of his guests and that the two have been rather friendly for a while…

Lowe described Thomas as a generous man who even provided some helpful career advice to his own son…

Though his political stance is murky at best, Rob Lowe has never conformed to the Hollywood leftist dictates that seek to ostracize conservatives from all of public life by dismissing their ideas and leaders as subhumans unworthy of debate or quarter. The Hollowverse characterized him as a liberal-leaning man that respects conservative views. For instance, he previously said, “Liberal politics is built on empathy. I think conservative politics, from my opinion, is built on logic.”

Will Lowe now face cancellation by the liberal mob for revealing his friendship with a black conservative?





  1. So glad to hear that one of my favorite Hollywood actors is keeping an open mind about things political until all of the facts are in. Thank you, Rob Lowe.

  2. wrote a statement but I guess it was to conservative for American update ( nice name but you don’t believe in free speech).

    • Just in the last 3 weeks…. can’t post anything.
      But over at AOL (and God knows all of the other leftist forums) you can post ANYTHING against a conservative or republican.
      And, SADLY, as Tucker Carlson pointed out so accurately this evening, don’t look for ANY republican bureaucrats to come to help you either.
      It’s to the point where we’re now voting for the lesser of two evils,

    • Do you believe in freedom of the press Ginny? Remember that a news site has the right to decide if it will allow certain comments. Not posting someone’s comment is NOT denying them their 1st Amendment rights.

      Sometimes what some commenters believe are conservative posts are often viewed by site administrators as too acerbic, crude, or even abusive. I don’t always agree, but that’s their decision.

      I’ll sometimes chastise fellow conservatives for egregious comments. I was suspended from one conservative site for objecting to calls for the death of a prominent SOCIALIST Democrat congressional idiot. I guess my stern but not acerbic objection to calling for murder as being neither conservative nor Christian was too much for several far right commenters and they got me suspended.

      Also, I got banned for ETERNITY from a leftist site after I proved that a far left commenter had lied about Gov. Palin. After refusing to believe references, I said she was ALITERATE. The socialist site administrator called me ILLITERATE (and a few other things) for misspelling the word ALITERATE. He then became unglued when I called him SEMI-ILLITERATE for not understanding the real word ALITERATE, and banned me using more than a few disparaging words in violation of his own posting policies. Oh well, it happens. ;-(

    • Do you hear that deep, resonating hummmm? Do you FEEL that powerful rumble, emanating from the depths of America? That’s the sound and rumble of The Silent Majority in Our Nation! It will not cease. it will not be quieted. It will NOT be defeated. Donald J. Trump will be re-elected for President of The United States, why, you ask? Because God Grants Our Prayers! He listens to us, has mercy on our plight and Sends Us His Love! We, who PRAY, did it once. Nothing has changed! We have seen the EVIL spitting and striking at OUR President, trying to topple him. But OUR Prayer has lifted him, supported him and given him God’s STRENGTH! Evil is trembling at the future. Evil is on the brink, losing its claw-hold at the precipice. Lets give Evil a little shove, shall we! Pray for our nation. Pray for those who KNOW they are doing Satan’s will, lest their souls be lost forever. God does not want them in Hell. Pray they change, and DO HIS WILL! God Bless America! God Secure President Trump! M.A.G.A!

  3. Glad to know that there are some people that are still free thinkers the liberals want to shut you down if you criticize them

  4. Glad there a few decent, people in Hollyweed. Socialist, deviants, pedophiles, drug addicts, drunks, sex addicts, the dregs of society. Trash with Cash. Rob Lowe has really become a decent guy as he has matured. Clarence Thomas is a great human being. He is my favorite SCOTUS , it was a race between he and Scalia. Bernie? The Commie Bernie? Bernie who got screwed twice by the DNC. Truth is Biden has severe Dementia and if by ballot box stuffing he would win(God help us)his VP will be the President. Honestly I can’t stand that red face old Commie Bernie, but, he should have gotten the nomination not Forgetful Sam. Then he will resign and make his VP President and Bernie will have gotten it in the rump again.

  5. I thought that’s what the liberals wanted. For everyone to be friends. Why does this upset them? I wish they’d make up their minds…oh wait. They are out of their minds.

  6. The racist liberals strike again. It does not matter what color you are as long as you believe in the radicalism of their demented culture. If you are black and have an independent position then theirs then as Biden says you ain’t black, just another hated racist in a black skin. It is time for blacks, browns, and yellows to say I am what I am and think for myself not some imposed group think.


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