Thursday Update: Joe Rogan Blasts Liberal Media For Rittenhouse Trial Coverage, Angelina Jolie Demands World Leaders Keep Their Conservation Promises, NCIS Actor Dead At 41

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We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate.

Here’s what happened today:


Podcaster Joe Rogan compared the “left-wing” media’s coverage of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial to “cult s–t.”

On the Wednesday episode of his show, the host said the information the liberal media was reporting on was “not based on reality.”

“This is a left-wing cult,” he argued. “And they are pumping stuff out and then they are confirming this belief. They’re all getting together and they are ignoring contrary evidence.”

Presiding Judge Bruce Schroeder has attacked the media for their “totally bizarre” coverage of the case as well, which has gone on for several weeks and is in jury deliberations.

“They’re ignoring any narrative that challenges their belief about what happened and they are not looking at it realistically,” Rogan continued. “They are only looking at it like you would look at it if you were in a f–king cult.”

In the same show he called out how “hypocritical” it is that woke activists tweet about social justice on devices made by “child slaves.”

“At the end of the day, it’s so hypocritical that all these people tweeting about social justice and, you know, all the wrongs of the world, you’re doing it on a f–king device that’s made by child slaves,” he remarked, going on to explain that workers are being paid “slave wages” to assemble iPhones for 16 hours a day.

“So, in order for you to tweet about social justice, you have to do it on a device that’s made by people that are not much better than slaves, not more well off,” Rogan concluded. “They’re really not. It’s f–ked. It’s crazy that there’s no outrage to that.”


The Jets starting quarterback Joe Flacco revealed that he is unvaccinated as a result of the NFL tightening up protocols to force unvaccinated players to wear masks indoors, after Aaron Rodgers’ recent scandal about being “immunized,” despite being unvaccinated.

Flacco, who had his face covered during a news conference on Wednesday, said he had his “reasons” for not getting the jab. “I’d honestly like to talk about this topic more than anybody. It’s one of those things you debate all the time, but I’ve overall felt like it’s more of a distraction than anything,” he remarked.

“So I feel like to talk about it too much and give you all my beliefs is more of a distraction than anything. I think the most important thing is going to play a football game.”

When asked about the situation with Rodgers, who contracted COVID-19 after a prohibited gathering with teammates, Flacco responded, “We all know what the rules are. So when those things happen, we’ve all been told what the protocols are, and we’re all following the protocols.”

“Whether you believe it or not, it is what it is,” he continued. “If you want to go out there and play the game you love, you have to do what you have to do.”


“Eternals” star Angelina Jolie pressed world leaders to stop deforestation in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

Jolie explained that when she adopted her eldest Maddox from Cambodia in 2003, she set up a locally run foundation in the country that emphasized forest protection and biodiversity conservation.

She noted in the nearly twenty years the foundation has been running, “tens of thousands of hectares” of forest have been destroyed by poaching, land encroachment, and illegal logging. As a result, Cambodia is experiencing one of the fastest rates of forest loss in the world.

Jolie detailed that many world leaders pledged to reverse deforestation by 2030 at the recent COP26 conference. “They urgently need to put their promises into practice, because deforestation affects us all,” she wrote.

The actress said her foundation has launched a “biodiversity survey with Flora & Fauna International to map the plants and animals still in the forest of Cambodia’s Samlout district,” to determine a baseline for forest protection.

“It’s just one example of the devastating impact of deforestation globally – and why world leaders must be held to their promises,” she concluded.


“NCIS” and “Bones” star Heath Freeman died at the age of 41 from unknown causes. His latest role was in “Terror on the Prairie” with cancelled Disney+ star Gina Carano.

“Heath truly was so special, so fierce and precious, protective, gentle and brave,” she posted to Instagram after his passing. “He made me feel safe. He took care of everyone around him. I am so blessed to know him for the time I did. Rest In Peace Heath Freeman.. my sweet, passionate friend. I’ll be missing you and praying for your loved ones.”

Rapper Young Dolph, 36, was murdered while visiting a local bakery in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee on Wednesday.

Dolph aka Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., reportedly pulled up to Makeda’s Butter Cookies, which he frequently promoted on social media, in his camouflage Lamborghini, when another car drove up and fatally wounded him in a hail of 35 shots, according to witnesses.

This is the third shooting that Dolph has been the victim of, in 2017 he was shot in broad daylight outside a hotel in Los Angeles and the same year his SUV came under gunfire in Charlotte, South Carolina.

“The world has lost an icon, a great man and beloved artist who has been taken too soon,” his representative commented in a statement. “His dedication, drive, hard work and loyalty to all those around him always came first and he will be deeply missed.

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