Around the Country Part 1: West


The Last Frontier was the host of an interesting special at-large US House election that saw the new Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) system produce state Rep. Mary Peltola (D-Bethel) as the replacement for the late Rep. Don Young (R), even though Republican candidates received an aggregate 60% of the vote.  Now, however, it appears Rep. Peltola will win a full term regardless of whether she faces former Governor Sarah Palin or businessman Nick Begich, III, whose late grandfather and uncle served in the House and Senate, respectively, as Democrats.  It is further possible that Ms. Peltola will win without even being forced into a RCV round because she may garner majority support on the initial vote.

Conversely, Sen. Lisa Murkowski could be forced into a RCV runoff with former State Administration Director Kelly Tshibaka in what would be a double-Republican race.  This is a competitive contest, though the Republicans will retain the seat regardless of the outcome.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski

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