THIS Is Trending On Twitter About Nancy Pelosi’s Husband

Throughout the morning, #PelosiGayLover, #PelosiGate, and #PelosiSmollet have been trending on Twitter due to speculation over the weekend over what was truly the cause of this strange hammer attack. David Depape, who is being identified as the man who attacked Paul Pelosi with a hammer last week was a nudist, and photos of his house show typical left-wing items including an LGBTQ flag, Black Lives Matter signs, etc., however, the media has since tried to spin this into an attack on right-wing/ Republican rhetoric. However, there’s no evidence to lead them in that direction. Not only was Paul Pelosi’s attacker not right-wing, but no notable figure has also said anything about going up to the Pelosi’s home and harming them. Speculation began to shift toward Paul Pelosi having an affair with the David DePape, and the attack was due to a dispute or an affair gone wrong.

Of course, this is only speculation, and nothing has been confirmed. Nonetheless, the hashtag has trended all morning on Twitter.

Since the attack only happened a few days ago, the majority of the evidence still needs to be released. At this point, the questions being most frequently asked include the previous record of DePape, and whether or not he had been charged with prostitution before; were both Paul Pelosi and DePape in their underwear when police arrived; and why are the conspiracy theories that the media is alleging DePape posted not available to see anywhere? The media has described the theories in detail, yet won’t post them, which is leading some to believe that the widespread accusation of DePape being alt-right is just a spin to make this look like some deranged right-winger, when in reality it could be Paul Pelosi’s personal life problems, and have nothing to do with politics.

Overall, there is no evidence to create a definitive motive or timeline of events leading up to the attack. However, that hasn’t stopped being from speculating and attempting to connect the dot themselves.

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