Browns QB Bake Mayfield Announces He’ll Kneel With Protestors

Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield announced via social media that he would be kneeling with ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors during the national anthem for the upcoming NFL season.

As The Daily Wire reports:

On Saturday, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield posted a video to his Instagram in which he can be seen training while wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt with the phrase “I Can’t Breathe” written on the front.


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Work. @cjmcfarland17 @matt__mayfield Video by @petelaflame

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One commenter wrote: “Please tell Browns fans you’re not going to be kneeling this season.”

“Pull your head out. I absolutely am,” Mayfield replied, as noted by ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Has Mayfield betrayed conservative fans of the NFL and the American flag, or is he merely exercising his right of free speech?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Apparently Baker Mayfield and Drew Brees are fighting to see who can kiss Al Sharpton’s rear end the best. Drew Brees is now up to five apologies and disgracefully trotted out his wife to apologize also. Both of these clowns are a disgrace to the people who make this nation great like soldiers, police, firefighters and other first responders.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!
    Thank you so much for sharing this video…. it brought tears to my eyes. God bless you!

  3. You kneel to pray in church, not is submission to a phony racist mob based on a lie to succker in useful idiot fools.

    • Amen! Let’s see how much money these players lose when a large majority won’t watch them make idiots of themselves. They r cowardly and naïve, always following the cow in front of them. Poor excuse for athletes, never mind human beings!

  4. I suppose he will kneel down in front of the “protesters” when they loot his mansion while what is left of the defunded police try to put out the arson fires in their police cars.

  5. Perhaps there is a MUCH greater “need” expressed here. Remember, we are talking about a “team sport” in which the ‘quarterback’ depends on his ‘team-mates’ for PHYSICAL protection. In his position, would you “provoke” your protection detail ???


  6. If I depended on other members of my team (offensive line, receivers, running backs) to make sure we won the game without any major injuries then maybe I would make the decision based on that knowledge. Just a thought.

  7. First off he is an overrated underperforming player. Second it won’t matter fans are abandoning the NFL in droves. I wonder what they will say when they are playing in front of empty seats and blank TV screens. BS talks and the money will walk. This is the beginning of the end for the NFL.

  8. i used to think it was just me, but judging from the comments here, it looks like there IS a major defection from the NFL… missed three super bowls now, ever since colonoscopy first made it known he was sitting/kneeling for the flag and the anthem. it’s his right to do so, and it is MY right to tell him and his friends to go pound sand.

    • Agreed he has the right but NOT on my dime. But of course these overpaid babies want an audience to show just how special they really are. And Soooo Opressed Too

  9. I guess I would care if I gave a flying you-know-what what some overpaid jock thinks (or is TOLD to think). They’ll try to blame the empty stadiums on the coronavirus, but let’s see how long the National Felon League can sustain those ridiculous salaries when nobody’s watching or buying their overpriced merchandise, and all their advertisers disappear.

    Maybe the NASCAR teams and the NFL teams can take turns sitting in each others’ empty bleachers.

  10. You go ahead and take a knee as you think you are supporting the greater good but the bottom line is you are nothing more than an overpaid entertainer who has no clue of the many sacrifices that have been made by so many for the freedoms that you so called political hacks enjoy. Remember this as your talent diminishes so will your paycheck because true Americans who respect Old Glory and what it stands for will be turning off instead of tuning in.

  11. Beloved QB? I’ve never even heard of the jerk before. Maybe b/c the Browns are usually so bad I have NEVER watched them. And NEVER plan to watch ANY NFL game again. Haven’t seen a game in 3 years now. Better off for it. Let’em watch each other and see how much money they make.

  12. I guess he was an American before he was anti-American. Another professional athlete that’s just pandering to the lowest common denominator.

  13. I echo the ‘beloved?’ sentiment–the dude has been nothing but a horse’s a$$ since he happened upon the scene. as he’s been a monumental disappointment in the nfl, it may be that he’s grasping at straws for some sort of relevance–either that or taking a position for self-preservation–hard to believe that a black line will protect a white quarterback who hasn’t ‘declared’. . .

  14. Who cares what Mayfield says. He’s nothing more than a CFL backup QB. Boycott NFL and the sponsors. Will not be watching anymore. I love watching the NFL, but will not watch overpaid wimps kneeling during the National Anthem.

  15. If these snowflakes can’t stand for OUR national anthem, maybe they should try to get an OVERPAID job somewhere better like North Korea or Cuba!

  16. No more NFL. Sad. Standing for the pledge is really the only time one can show respect outwardly to the rest of the world that you thank and show respect for the ones that gave their lives and two the ones that were lucky to make it back. No more NFL for me. Besides, they make too much.

  17. I’ve been Done with nfl for some time now because they are over paid jerks who cannot make it in real life working!! Sad to see them dying slowly but coronavirus taught us We Can Survive without Any Professional Sport!!! They should learn to just Play Your Game & Keep your personal opinions & political views private!!

  18. Jumping on the bandwagon – it’s easier to go along with this inane, no sacrifice “show” than to stand up, do what you’re paid for and spend your spare time and spend some of those big bucks earnings on – going into the inner cities, helping form educational forum between police and young people, working and helping them get rid of the gangs, drugs, thugs, bullies, and put pressure on the politicians to make school choice available!!!

  19. Yes let’s back a known hate group BLM (you know what do we want DEAD COPS when do we want them NOW) that group by kneeling for our National Anthem. Brilliant nove there quarterback. Don’t know his name or care. He gets to play a game and get paid millions off the back of OUR soldiers who died so that he / they can play a game in a secure USA. I am over the NFL, NBA, now even NASCAR for placating these foolish BLM supporters.

  20. As a retired military person having spend a few tours in Vietnam and watching my fellow soldiers die in battle; what is going on in sports with using the flag and anthem as a political protest is dishonoring every American Service person who died for their country. It is time that the President wrote an Executive Order to prohibit the playing of the National Anthem and flying the flag at EVERY SPORTING EVENT in the United States and outside the United States.

  21. Kaeperdick’s failure as a NFL player led to is his kneeling for attention and seems Who’s Mayfield is following the pattern.

  22. I have always loved the NFL since I was 9 years old. Then when many players began taking knees during the National Anthem I stopped watching cold turkey. Some say “they are taking a stand.” Yes, they are taking a stand against all men and women in uniform (including police officers) who gave their lives for our Freedom. They are also taking a stand against all men and women in uniform who put their lives at risk for the Freedoms we enjoy in this Country. Why should any American who loves this Country tolerate this disdain for our Flag? All true Americans MUST boycott the NFL if this lack of patriotism persists.


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