Actor James Woods DESTROYS Dem Candidates After Debate Brawl

Pro-Trump Actor James Woods absolutely eviscerated the Democratic Presidential contenders on Twitter after their embarrassing and humiliating performances on Wednesday night during the lasts Democrat primary debate.

As The Daily Wire reports:

To the great despair of his political enemies, James Woods is back on Twitter after taking a little break, and he’s hit the ground running. Unlike many Americans, the unflinchingly anti-PC, leftism-mocking actor took the time to watch the Democratic debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night and offered his followers some live tweets and follow-up comments on the “simply appalling” event. Over the course of the evening, he also noted one thing he “loves” about their “dismal” debates and pointed out through contrast what should be a particularly troubling development for the Democrats…

The actor and widely followed Twitter personality started off by providing some of his responses to the various contenders.

The conservative actor later explained one thing that he particularly enjoys about Democratic debates. “I love these [Democratic Debates]. They are a piñata full of video clips [Republicans] will use relentlessly to re-elect the greatest President America has had since Reagan,” he mused.

Following the event, Woods summed up his response to the brutal debate. “That motley crew on the Vegas stage tonight was the worst gaggle of miscreants ever to aspire to the presidency in my lifetime,” he wrote. “Simply appalling. Though funny for a while, it’s become a dismal, terrifying state of affairs.”

Before the debate began Woods drew an extremely unflattering comparison between the current chaotic disaster that currently is the Democratic party and a Republican party which is currently united behind an extremely popular and successful President.

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