Actor James Woods Eviscerates Senator

Senator Dick Durban recently tried to blame Republicans for the violence in Chicago. Actor James Woods took the opportunity to remind Senator Durban which party has controlled Chicago for decades.

According to The Daily Wire:

Actor James Woods slammed Sen. Dick Durbin after the Democratic Illinois Senator blamed the Republican Party in a tweet for Chicago’s gun violence problem.

Durbin shared an ABC News report on his Twitter account about a 19-year-old “anti-violence activist” who was shot while standing outside a store in Chicago’s South Side.

“This is heartbreaking,” Durbin wrote. “Chicago has lost far too many aspiring young people to senseless gun violence. When will Republicans in Congress finally decide to act?”

Chicago’s last Republican Mayor was William Hale Thompson, who served from 1927-1931.

Woods has become a fan favorite among Republicans and this epic takedown will only help his credibility.

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