Actor John Krasinski Launches Youtube Dedicated To ‘Good News’ Amidst Pandemic

Actor John Krasinski has decided to attempt to try and bring some cheer into people’s lives during the pandemic by launching a new Youtube channel dedicated only to good news. As The Daily Wire reports:

In the midst of all the sadness brought upon the COVID-19 pandemic, actor John Krasinski wants to bring people some good news on his recently launched YouTube channel “Some Good News.”

Launched Sunday afternoon, the “A Quiet Place” star said that the channel will focus on bringing people cheerful content as a break from the onslaught of doom and gloom.

The co-star of “The Office” launched a YouTube series on Sunday afternoon called “Some Good News” that focuses on feel-good stories, rather than the more dire, doom-and-gloom reports surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic that have been breaking 24/7 for several weeks now.

According to Market Watch, the idea came about last week when the actor tweeted out to his followers asking them to share feel-good stories.

Krasinski has so far many stories of heroism in the medical community as well as inspiring ways people are staying connected with family while practicing social distancing.

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