Actress Kicked Off Of Flight For Causing Disturbance

Actress Tara Reid was recently kicked off a Delta Airlines flight for causing a disturbance. The disturbance was allegedly caused when she got upset about receiving the wrong seat and not being accommodated with a pillow.

According to Page Six:

Tara Reid hit some turbulence before her flight even took off from Los Angeles.

Page Six has confirmed that the “Sharknado” actress was removed from her Delta Air Lines flight from LAX to NYC on Monday afternoon for causing a “disturbance on board.” A spokesman for Delta told us that the flight eventually took off “following a short delay.”

Reid, 42, and her dog were re-accommodated on an alternate flight.

According to TMZ, Reid caused a disturbance as she claimed she was given the wrong seat. She also complained about not receiving a pillow.

Apparently, Hollywood stars have just as many problems with commercial airlines as regular people do.

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