Actress Rose McGowan Disowns Democrat Party For Biden Sex Assault Coverup

Actress Rose McGowan who was one of the pioneers of the #MeToo movement has now turned on the Democrat party over it’s apparent coverup of the sexual assualt allegations against Joe Biden. As The Daily Wire reports:

Actress Rose McGowan, one of the many women who accused disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of rape, broke down in a fiery Twitter post on Wednesday, blasting the Democratic Party for betraying her in the wake of the sexual assault accusation against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Last month, Tara Reade claimed that then-Senator Joe Biden sexually assaulted her while she served as an aide in his Senate offices during the Clinton administration. She has since detailed her account in multiple interviews and filed a criminal complaint against the former vice president with the Washington, D.C., police department. A former neighbor of Reade and her brother have publicly stated that Reade told them of the assault in the 1990s. Recently surfaced evidence also revealed that Reade’s mother allegedly called into CNN’s Larry King in the 199os to complain about a prominent senator her daughter had “problems” with.

Despite the evidence further lending credibility to Tara Reade’s claims, the Democrats and the mainstream media have largely ignored her or run cover for Joe Biden. On Tuesday, #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke even went as far to say that the former vice president can be “accountable and electable.”

After blasting the Democrats and its #MeToo allies for their hypocrisy in recent weeks, Rose McGowan finally broke down on Wednesday and declared that she no longer recognizes the political party she once called home.

It seems that the Democrats obvious double dealing with regards to Joe Biden’s alleged sexual assault are having reprocussions among long time supporters. A fact which doens’t bode well for Biden’s chances in November’s Presidential election.

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