Actress Spews Nasty Comment About President Trump

Actress Claire Foy recently had some vulgar comments about President Trump and his looks. In an interview, the actress called the president “the giant penis of America.”

According to Fox News:

British actress Claire Foy shared her views about President Trump, calling him “the giant penis of America” in a new interview.

“The Crown” actress opened up about politics in a profile with The Hollywood Reporter released Wednesday.

“All powerful! D.C. is where the giant penis of America lives… in more ways than one,” Foy told the outlet referring to Trump.

The singer also revealed that she wanted to “violently hurt” an anti-#MeToo movement protester she encountered at an anti-Brett Kavanagh protest the weekend the judge was confirmed to the Supreme Court. The actress explained that the protester carried a sign which read “#MeTooFraud” and that she did not agree with his display of action.

It seems like the actress and singer not only has vulgar tendencies but violent ones as well.

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