After Backlash, Jennifer Holliday Pulls Out of Inauguration Performance

Singer Jennifer Holliday backed out of performing at president-elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration after facing backlash.

On Saturday, the 56-year-old singer issued a statement about having a “lapse of judgement,” noting an article by The Daily Beast that criticized her for letting down the LGBT community by performing. The statement comes after she told another outlet on Friday that she wanted to perform to “welcome the people of America.”

“Please allow me this opportunity to speak to you directly and to explain why I originally made my decision to perform at the inauguration which was what I had thought would be my simply keeping in my tradition of being a ‘bi-partisan songbird’ having sung for Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush,” Holliday wrote.

“I was asked to sing a song for what was presented to me as the ‘Welcome Concert For The People’– in my mind I was reflecting on the past times of being asked to sing for presidents and I only focused on the phrase ‘For The People’… I thought, For America,” she added.

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