Alleged Clinton Rape Victim Juanita Broaddrick Rips Hulu For New Pro-Hillary Documentary

Juanita Broddrick, the woman who accused Bill Clinton of violently raping her, ripped the streaming service Hulu for deciding to air a new pro-Hillary documentary which attempts to white wash her husband’s long history of sexually predatory behavior.

As The Daily Wire reports:

On Saturday, Juanita Broaddrick ripped into Hulu for airing “Hillary,” a documentary on twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, seemingly crafted to help rehabilitate the tarnished image of the Clintons.

Broaddrick has long claimed former President Bill Clinton raped her in a hotel room back in 1978, and that Hillary subsequently tried to intimidate her into silence.

“Shame on Hulu,” wrote Broaddrick on Twitter. “You owe an apology to all survivors of sexual abuse, rape and intimidation by the Clintons.”

“This conniving, evil couple have no remorse for the decades of Bill Clinton’s deviant, reprehensible behavior…. yes, she knew,” she added, referring to Hillary’s alleged knowledge of the rape.

In a previous interview given in 2016 Broaddrick went on record to recount a time immediately after her alleged rape when Hillary grabbed her hand to ‘thank’ her for all she had done for her husband and refused to let it go. An action Broaddrick saw as a direct threat to silence her.

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