Alyssa Milano, Hollywood Liberals, Triggered After 2nd Amendment Rally in Virginia

Far-left, Anti-Trump actress Alyssa Milano, along with the rest of Hollywood, had a full meltdown over a pro-second amendment rally in VA on Monday.

As The Daily Wire reports:

On Monday morning, tens of thousands of pro-Second Amendment Americans gathering at Virginia’s capital to express opposition to a spate of gun control bills pushed through by the Democrat-majority state congress and backed by controversial Democratic Governor Ralph Northam.

The gathering thus far has been completely peaceful, with rally attendees reciting the pledge of allegiance, singing the national anthem, and chanting “USA,” together.

Still, the peaceful protesters were maligned by Hollywood elites and left-wing politicos.

“This is what’s happening in Virginia right now,” actress and activist Alyssa Milano captioned a video of gun owners walking to the protest Monday morning.

It seems that Hollywood liberals and their allies can ok with almost any behavior, however bizarre, except for American citizens exercising their constitutional rights.

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