AMC Movie Theaters Will Screen Election Night Coverage

AMC theaters is teaming up with CNN to broadcast the news channel’s election night news coverage at 50 theaters in 25 cities nationwide.

“The 2016 Presidential race has generated record-setting viewing on television and online, and we’re excited to have CNN bring the culmination of the race to the big screen,” saidElizabeth Frank, Executive Vice President and Chief Content & Programming Officer for AMC Theatres.

“On election night, as Americans gather in their communities to watch the conclusion of this historic election, we recognize that Democrats want to cheer with fellow Democrats, and Republicans cheer with fellow Republicans, so we’ve designated ‘Blue’ and ‘Red’ theatres in each participating market,” Frank added.

Member’s of the theater chain’s “Stubs” rewards program will be allowed to invite two guests each screening location. AMC Stubs members and their guests will be able to choose to watch live coverage in select “red” and “blue” theaters for Republicans and Democrats, respectively.

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