Amy Schumer Asks Women Not to Work to Send Message to Trump

Amy Schumer on Tuesday called on all women to stop working to send a message to President Donald Trump.

The 35-year-old actress shared a post with her 5.9 million followers on Instagram encouraging women to take part in “A Day Without A Woman” campaign on Wednesday, calling it an opportunity to show Trump that if he “marginalizes half the population” with his upcoming agenda, “everybody loses.”

“Let’s rock #adaywithoutawoman tomorrow,” Schumer wrote in the caption next to the post that included a flier about the nationwide protest. “I realize this is going to be impossible for most people. But if you can just wear red. here’s why: the day is to demonstrate the economic power and importance of women by removing them from the workplace and economy for the day.”

“So much of what Trump is doing will impact women disproportionately,” she added. “He’s going to do fuck all for equal pay, health care, parental leave, etc. (We also beat the brung of his policies on less obvious things like education because women are 3x more likely to have jobs in the fields of caregiving and education,etc.)”

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