Anonymous Academy Award Member Slams Barack Obama’s New Documentary

An anonymous member of the Academy Awards has slammed former Democrat President Barack Obama’s documentary ‘American factory’ in a scathing new review. As The Daily Caller reports:

An anonymous member of the Academy Awards gave a brutal review of the Obama-produced documentary “American Factory.”

The review detailed which films would receive the member’s vote and was published by the The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday.

“I didn’t like ‘American Factory’ — when the Chinese boss says ‘We’re better than them’ and they show the American workers as big fat slobs, I thought to myself, ‘Why is Obama attaching himself to this?’” the anonymous member wrote regarding the documentary.

“American Factory” was produced by Higher Ground, which is the company owned by former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. The documentary was the first film produced by the Obamas. As previously reported, the documentary was made by filmmakers Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar.

In spite of the brutal criticism, former first lady Michelle Obama praised the film on her instagram after its oscar nomination was announced.

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