Anti-Trump Actor John Cusack Makes Alarmist Speech In Support Of Far-Left Candidate Bernie Sanders

Anti-Trump actor John Cusack unleashed a bizarre rant on the auidence during a recent rally for far-left socialist Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders. As The Daily Wire reports:

Actor John Cusack is a big fan of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ particular brand of socialism. In fact, as the ’80s actor made alarmingly clear at a Bernie rally in Exeter, NH on Saturday, he believes if we don’t stop “predatory capitalism” in the next “ten or twelve years,” we’re all toast…

“We know this form of capitalism takes and takes; it takes whatever, whenever, however it wants,” he said. “It’ll take our lives, it’ll take our labor, our spirit, our air and water, even our earth.”

Cusack then echoed an alarmist line often repeated by global warming activist Greta Thunberg, but specifically tying the sentiment to Sanders’ policies.

“Bernie respects us enough to tell the truth, the hard truth: We have a ten to twelve year window to radically transform our energy systems, or climate change, predatory capitalism, and endless war economies will rob us of the right to any future at all,” said the actor. “And as we can see literally every day, the house is on fire.”

It seems that the hypocrisy of a hollywood actor like Cusack, a man who has made millions from American capitalism, deciding to support an avowed socialist like Sanders was completely lost on both Cusack himself, and the crowd.

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