Arnold Schwarzenegger on Immigration Ban: ‘It Makes Us Look Stupid’

Arnold Schwarzenegger blasted president Donald Trump’s immigration ban implementation as making America look “crazy” and “stupid.”

On Monday, the 69-year-old actor and former governor of California said in an interview that the new administration made mistakes after Trump signed an executive order on Friday that temporarily prevents migration from seven Muslim-majority countries. Schwarzenegger added that he hopes it’s been a “wake-up call” for the administration.

“I think that the real problem is that it was vetted badly,” Schwarzenegger said. “And if they would have run this by the Justice Department and Homeland Security and had their lawyers really study it and focused on it and give it some time to do it the right way. I know what he was trying to accomplish and his fear about having people come in from other places and cause harm to the country, but there’s another way of going about it to do it the right way.”

“It’s crazy and it makes us look stupid when the White House is ill-prepared to put this kind of executive order out there,” he continued later in the interview. “I went through some of those kinds of problems when I was governor and you go in there new, you have a new team and mistakes are made. I hope this is a wake-up call for them.”

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