Bette Midler Keeps Taunting Everyday Americans About Sky-High Gas Prices

By dbking - Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

“Hocus Pocus” witch Bette Midler has repeatedly proven to be out of touch with how much regular Americans are struggling to pay surging gas prices, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Not only does Midler seemingly not care that the average cost per gallon in the country has rocketed up from $2.73 this time last year to $4.189 today, she has continuously ridiculed the nation’s less-than-rich for complaining about the rising costs. 

Here are the “Ruthless People” star’s most scathing tweets:

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Alan Osborn
Alan Osborn
1 year ago

She is Biden’s brainless useful idiot

Leif Knudsen
Leif Knudsen
1 year ago

She really IS an evil witch, not just acting a such.