Bill O’Reilly’s Stern Advice to President Trump

Bill O’Reilly says it’s time for President Trump to take a vacation.

Mediaite reports:

President [Donald] Trump needs a vacation. Badly. At least two weeks so we the people get a break from the incessant media hatred directed toward him.

If you go on Bill O’Reilly‘s website right now, that’s what you’ll see as his message of the day: Trump is apparently so worn out from making America great again (I guess), he needs to go on vacation at once. The former Fox News host especially recommends some time for Trump at his Bedminster golf course.

But hey? Remember all those times when Trump criticized Barack Obama for going on vacation? If you don’t, maybe this will jog your memory:

Pres. Obama is about to embark on a 17 day vacation in his ‘native’ Hawaii, putting Secret Service away from families on Christmas. Aloha!

or this:

OR this:

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