Billionaire Mark Cuban Praises Trump, Announces His ‘Absolute Confidence’ That The Economy Will Return To Former Boom

Billionaire buisness mogul Mark Cuban praised President Trump on Wednesday after his bold move to seek feedback from buisness leaders on how best to reopen the economy.

Trump announced on Tuesday the formation of the “Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups” which would be populated by buisness leaders from a variety of fields.

As Fox News reports:

After noting the “new abnormal” for businesses amid the coronavirus outbreak, entrepreneur Mark Cuban on Wednesday praised President Trump’s move to compile feedback from industry leaders on ways to reopen the economy.

“Getting the feedback from the industry counsel he’s put together is going to be very valuable for him. I think it’s a smart move,” the Dallas Mavericks owner told “America’s Newsroom.”…

Cuban said that he has “absolute confidence” that the economy will go back to “where we were.” Cuban said that there will be challenges for a business to open.

“I don’t think people are just going to go back in and say ‘you know what, on February 1st, this was my budget, I’m just going to spend it on June 1st’. I don’t see that happening. But that doesn’t mean the economy can’t be great, doesn’t mean the economy can’t take off. It’s just a question of when,” he said.

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