‘Boy Meets World’ Star Thwarts Break-In

One of the stars of the 90’s hit show “Boy Meets World” thwarted an attempted break-in recently at his home. William Daniels who played Mr. Feeny on the show discussed how he stopped the robbers and injected a little humor while doing so.

According to The Daily Wire:

William Daniels — the actor who starred as Mr. Feeny, Cory’s neighbor and the school principal, on the 90’s hit — thwarted a real-life burglary at his home on Saturday evening.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Daniels, 91, said, “I struggled with an intruder, took him to the ground, I beat him up and he ran away with bruises all over him.”

Okay, okay, so he was kidding about those specifics: “Would you like to print that?” he followed up. “You better not. It’s a total lie.”

The truth is, said Daniels, he and his wife, 89-year-old Bonnie Bartlett, were sleeping in their home when they heard glass shatter from what seemed like their front door. Bartlett screamed, and Daniels got up and hit the light. The would-be robber was scared enough to quickly leave their home.

Daniels was iconic on screen and now with this latest story, he is iconic off of it. Bravo, Mr. Feeny.

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