Celebrity Gossip King Backs This Trump Decision

Celebrity gossip king Perez Hilton created waves recently when he expressed his support for President Trump’s stance on birthright citizenship.

According to The Daily Caller:

He’s the king of Hollywood gossip and a self-described liberal, but Perez Hilton threw his weight behind President Donald Trump on the issue of birthright citizenship Tuesday.

“I don’t agree with Donald Trump on many things,” Hilton’s tweet began, “but I DO think that if a child is born in America to parents who are here illegally that they should not be granted automatic citizenship. And I say this as a liberal and Latina!”

Critics immediately attacked Hilton, telling him to “eat sh*t,” calling him “the eternal gusano” (Spanish for “worm”) and instructing him to “cállate baboso” (“shut up, idiot”).

Hilton followed his initial tweet with a question, wondering whether the president could end birthright citizenship with an executive order as he said.

The debate over whether President Trump has this power will go on and will probably ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.

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