Cheesecake Factory Turns Away Police Officers—Because They’re Armed

Six Washington state corrections officers met up for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in the Tacoma Mall on Tuesday. And as you’d expect, their uniforms and badges were visible.

But three of them were also carrying guns — and that became an issue.

“They had seated us in the back area,” Miriam Nichols, who’s worked three years for the department of corrections, told KIRO-FM. “Shortly after the rest of our party arrived, we were asked to leave because we were carrying our firearms with us. They said they did not allow firearms in their establishment.”

The officers showed their badges and law enforcement IDs to restaurant’s managers. They explained why they were armed — but no dice.

“They said it didn’t matter, and they asked us to leave,” Nichols told KIRO. “We left quietly and tried not to make more of a scene than it already was.”

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