Chick-fil-A Changes Stance, Decides To No Longer Donate To Two Christian Groups Who Oppose Gay-Marriage

Chick-fil-A has made a stunning about face in an attempt to blunt criticism over support for groups that oppose same sex marriage and has ended its support for two Christian groups.

The groups in question, The Salvation Army and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, have been criticized in the past for having allegedly ‘anti-LGBT’ views.

Regardless, the move serves as a huge collapse on Chick-fil-A’s part to the pressure of political correctness.

As Fox News reports:

Chick-fil-A has announced it will focus on donating to initiatives that further its “mission of nourishing the potential in every child” in 2020 — and that it will no longer be giving to two organizations that it had previously received backlash for donating to in previous years: the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and The Salvation Army.

The brand issued a press release on its blog, The Chicken Wire, announcing the current focus for the Chick-fil-A Foundation. In the coming year, the chain’s charitable arm hopes to “deepen its giving to a smaller number of organizations working exclusively in the areas of education, homelessness and hunger.”

“Through these initiatives, Chick-fil-A Inc. and the Foundation will provide approximately $32 million in total cash gifts in 2020,” the press release read.

For the coming year, the chain has expanded its partnerships with Junior Achievement USA (JA), which offers supportive education services for kindergarten through 12th grade to nearly 5 million students annually; and Covenant House International, which offers services to more than 70,000 homeless, runaway and trafficked children each year. Additionally, the brand has committed $25,000 to local food banks at each new Chick-fil-A opening to help fight hunger. In total, these three initiatives will account for $9 million of the donations, the press release confirmed.

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