BREAKING: Clint Eastwood Ditches Trump For Bloomberg

Former outspoken MAGA supporter Clint Eastwood stunned the world on Saturday by abandoning his support for President Trump and backing Democrat billionaire Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

As TMZ reports:

Clint Eastwood is doing a flip-flip of sorts … endorsing former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg instead of President Trump — whom he supported in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Dirty Harry gave his thoughts on this year’s candidates to the WSJ, saying on this year’s competition … “The best thing we can do is just get Mike Bloomberg in there.” Clint doesn’t appear to elaborate beyond that, but did have something to say about DT.

CE says he wants Trump to act “in a more genteel way, without tweeting and calling people names.” He adds, “I would personally like for him to not bring himself to that level.”…

Now, he’s backing a Dem — who used to be a Republican for a while, BTW — although it’s unclear why. Funny enough, Bloomberg has tried positioning himself as a solid establishment Democrat, who’d further Barack Obama’s policies and follow in 44’s footsteps.

It appears that Eastwood may have always been little more than a fareweather Trump supporter. Still his support for Bloomberg, a billionaire pushing the discredited policies of Barack Obama who just came off of a humiliated debate performance, doesn’t seem like a wise move.

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