College Football Coach’s Epic Slam of Social Media

College football head coach Mike Gundy recently slammed social media in an epic was during a post-game press conference.

According to The Daily Wire:

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy is not a fan of social media. In fact, he thinks it’s “ruining this country.”

After scoring a major win against Texas on Saturday night, Coach Gundy dumped all over social media platforms when a sports reporter asked about criticisms of his quarterback emerging on platforms like Twitter.

“I give a rat’s a** about Twitter,” Gundy stated bluntly, followed by blowing a raspberry.

“It’s a platform for people who are sitting at home drawing an unemployment check sitting in front of a keyboard,” he continued. This, too, was followed by a fart noise by the coach.

Gundy went on to say that he believes social media and Twitter is destroying the United States.

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