Comedian Admits Support for Trump

Comedian Paul Rodriguez said that he supports President Trump and his policy regarding immigration. The comedian also said he is going to have to pay a price for openly voicing his support.

According to The Daily Caller:

Comedian Paul Rodriguez said he “will pay the price” for admitting that he supports some of the things President Donald Trump has done, one of those being his immigration policy.

“Actually you know, it’s the wording that Donald Trump offends a lot of us. I agree with a lot of the things he’s [Trump’s] done,” the 63-year-old stand-up comedian shared, according to TMZ Tuesday.

“But he’s a very coarse man,” he added. “He should have somebody say the same things differently.”

When pressed further about what kinds of things one of the Latin Kings Of Comedy might agree with the president on, he explained that he’s an immigrant and his family came in “the right way.”

He went on to state that the United States cannot let everyone in and that protecting the border is an important issue for him.

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