Dennis Quaid Admits He Was ‘Nervous’ To Play The Gipper

Dennis Quaid is slated to play former President Ronald Reagan in a biopic that will begin filming this fall. Despite some initial hesitation he took the role and admits he really admired the man.

According to Fox News:

“[I’m] really, really nervous,” Quaid admitted to Fox News. “When I got offered the role about four months ago, I couldn’t give them an answer. I had a shiver of fear go up my spine. I don’t really feel that I look like Ronald Reagan. But usually, that shiver of fear is a sign to me that I should do something because it takes me out of my comfort zone.”

Despite his initial hesitation, Quaid took on the challenge.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed in June that Mark Joseph, the movie’s producer, met with 50 of Reagan’s friends, confidantes and cabinet members, including his pastor and the surgeon who saved his life after he was shot in 1981, in order to accurately depict his life.

“I’m fascinated by Ronald Reagan,” said Quaid. “And we do share a couple of traits. He had an optimistic, sunny disposition way of looking at life. And we’re both actors. He has an incredible life story. A story that I think most people really don’t know. They think they know the man, but they don’t.”

Quaid stated that regardless of party affiliation everyone will want to see this movie. The life of Reagan was fascinating and worth exploring.

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