Disgraced Fmr Hollywood Star Pleads For Trump’s Help

Former Hollywood star Randy Quaid is pleading for Trump’s help to get their passports re-issued. His excuse is that the system is rigged.

According to The Daily Caller:

Randy Quaid on Thursday posted a letter he sent to President Donald Trump pleading for his help against a “rigged system” that he claimed had denied his and his wife’s passports.

In the letter, Quaid refers to himself and his wife Evi as “avid, take-no-prisoners, supporters” of Trump’s candidacy and said they celebrated his victory on November 8. In light of his winning the presidency, the “National Lampoons” star said the pair applied for their passports in hopes that “change was on the way,” before claiming that “leftover bureaucrats” from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the Department of State once again denied the “re-issuance” of their passports.

Quaid and his wife had their passports revoked over what he called “warrants for trespassing” on a property in Santa Barbara that he said at one time belonged to him but was “stolen” by a Hollywood studio executive using “forged documents.”

At one point, the “Independence Day” star said he needs the passport in order to get back to work, because “production companies and studios” required it. Quaid then said he supports President Trump because he recognizes that it’s “the people that are going to Make America Great Again.”

Quaid has had his share of issues from being charged with multiple property crimes to fleeing to Canada because he feared from his life from a group called the ‘Star Whackers.’ It is unclear if President Trump will help, but regardless, it seems like he needs it.

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