Egyptian Actress on Trial for This Ridiculous Reason

An Egyptian actress is facing an obscenity trial for wearing too revealing of a dress.

According to Fox News:

An Egyptian actress facing trial on public obscenity charges for wearing a revealing dress says she didn’t mean to offend anyone, appealing to her detractors to believe in her good intentions.

In a weekend Facebook post, Rania Youssef said she may have misjudged how people would react to the dress she wore at the closing ceremony of this year’s Cairo International Film Festival, which revealed the entirety of her legs through embroidered gauze.

In choosing that dress, she said, she had referred to fashion designers that may have been influenced by the tastes and standards at international film festivals.

“I want to repeat my commitment to the values and ethics we have been raised by in Egyptian society,” said Youssef, without making an outright apology.

Lawyers filed a complaint after pictures circulated on social media and the actress was quickly referred for trial.

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