FDNY Involved in Hollywood Cover-Up?

An FDNY fire marshall is stating that an investigation surrounding a deadly fire that involved a movie set was rigged.

According to Fox News:

The fire marshal who led the investigation into a Harlem building blaze that took the life of a firefighter claims the probe was rigged to protect the production company of actor Edward Norton, who was filming in the building.

Fire Marshal Scott Specht, who was lead investigator in the March 22 fire, filed a notice of claim Dec. 13 against the city, Chief Fire Marshal Thomas Kane, his deputy, John David “JD” Lynn, and Assistant Fire Commissioner Carlos Velez.

It alleges Specht was pulled from the probe and harassed by his bosses for reporting the alleged cover-up to the Department of Investigation.

“My client wants one thing and one thing only — a full and fair investigation into the death of Firefighter Michael Davidson,” Specht’s lawyer, Peter Gleason, told The Post on Monday.

A letter has been sent to President Trump asking him to have the Justice Department investigate the fire.

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