Female Hunter Claims She Receives Death Threats For Instagram Pictures With Animals

A female hunter from New Zealand who has taken to posting pictures of her quarry to her instagram account is now claiming that she has received death threats.

Further proof, it seems, that the radical left will target anyone who’s beliefs or way or life doesn’t align with progressive orthodoxy.

As Fox News reports:

Not everyone is a fan of this mom’s lifestyle.

A mother of three from New Zealand claims she has faced death threats for sharing pictures of her hunting trips, which often show her carrying an animal’s carcass following a hunt. However, the woman, 29, says she and her family eat the animals they hunt because they’re opposed to eating meat from a factory farm…

Jaine typically shares pictures of her hunting trips on Instagram, where she says she receives support from other outdoor enthusiasts. Unfortunately, that’s not all she receives.

”I’ve had a few death threats from people who just don’t have any experience with hunting,” she said. “Or maybe they are against animal cruelty. But I don’t take it to heart. I just tell myself, ‘That person must be going through something in their own life and I can’t judge what I don’t understand.’

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