Florida Gave Pitbull $1 Million in Taxpayer Money to Promote Beaches

The state of Florida reportedly paid hip-hop superstar Pitbull $1 million to help promote tourism in the Sunshine State.

“It’s been an honor to represent Miami and the Sunshine State. I’ve taken Miami and Florida worldwide – WAY before any contract, and will do so way after. I love my home state.” Pitbull wrote on Twitter Thursday. “When asked to take on a New Year’s show, I INSISTED it be live from Florida. #LoveFL since birth . . . and til the day I die. Dale!”

The “Time of Our Lives” singer signed the lucrative deal in July 2015 with Florida’s tourism promotion agency Visit Florida. At the heart of the deal was a $250,000 fee Visit Florida agreed to pay Pitbull to produce a music video for his 2014 hit song “Sexy Beaches.”

When news of the contract began to circulate, a redacted version of the deal was released online. Lawyers for Pitbull’s production company, PDR Productions, claimed the details of the contract were trade secrets and should remain sealed due to a confidentiality clause. This prompted Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran to sue PDR Productions, insisting that state lawmakers have the legal and constitutional authority to review the contract.

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