Football Star Threatens To Shoot Up Hotel

An NFL star is in hot water for allegedly threatening to shoot up a hotel.

According to The Smokeroom:

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Everson Griffen was apprehended by police on Sunday after he reportedly threatened to shoot up a hotel in Minneapolis.

The incident took place the night before Sunday’s game against the Bills. Police were reportedly called to Hotel Ivy after Griffen wandered in and began talking about “shooting the place up.”

Witnesses say he was seen pacing around the lobby and allegedly made the threat to the concierge if didn’t bring him up to his room. Police were called, but Griffen never produced a weapon.

Griffen, who is a three-time pro bowler, was never arrested but was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. He was also noticeably absent from Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

The investigation is ongoing and a possible suspension for the star is unknown at this point.

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