Former Grammy’s CEO Accused Of Raping Singer, Rigging Nominations

Former Grammy Awards boss Deborah Dugan has revealed a number of stunning allegations in a new lawsuit she filed.

Among the allegations are that her predecessor Neil Portnow raped an unnamed foreign recording artist and the academy knew about it. As well as the stunning claim that the Grammy awards themselves are in fact ‘rigged’ by individuals behind the scenes.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Former Grammys boss Neil Portnow has issued a vehement denial of a rape allegation made by the recently ousted CEO Deborah Dugan, calling it ‘false and outrageous’.

Dugan made history as the Recording Academy’s first CEO, but she was placed on administrative leave just last week after six months on the job after she accused of being abusive to an assistant.

In an explosive discrimination complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Tuesday Dugan, 61, accused her predecessor Portnow, 72, of raping a ‘foreign’ female recording artist and claimed the company knew about it…

In addition to the rape claim, Dugan claimed that the Grammy award nomination system is rigged, said the ‘boys club’ company is rife with sexual misconduct, and alleged she ousted because she complained about gender discrimination and pay gaps.

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