Fox News Host Dana Perino Holds Daily Reading Hour For Kids During Pandemic

Fox News host Dana Perino has decided to give back to America during this time of crisis by reading online to kids during the Coronavirus pandemic. As The New York Post reports:

Fox News’ Dana Perino is taking a leaf out of Laura Bush’s book and reading to kids during the pandemic.

The anchor, who’s started “Storytime With Dana” on at 3:30 p.m. daily, said she wanted to help parents.

“I also remember how Laura Bush, the former first lady, was a librarian and a teacher. And after 9/11 she stressed to everybody how important it was to keep a regular storytime with their children,” Perino said during a Q&A on Instagram with Christie’s auctioneer and writer Lydia Fenet.

“It gave them a chance for their imaginations to run free, and it also gave them that time to breathe a little bit easier.”

It’s nice to see patriots like Perino tryinig to give back to their communities, and make lockdown a little bit easier for everyone during this trying time.

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