Fox News Host Reacts To DCNF Report On Terrorist Who Was Caught, Released Into US By Biden Admin

Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasted the Biden administration Monday after mentioning a Daily Caller News Foundation report on a terrorist released into the United States.

A member of al-Shabaab, a radical Islamic terrorist group based in Somalia, was caught at the U.S.-Mexico border in March 2023 and released into the United States before he was arrested in January, according to a memo obtained by the DCNF. Ingraham told Republican Sen. Eric Schmitt of Missouri the incident was a sign of a “real problem.”

“A terrorist made his way to Minnesota who crossed our border, federal authorities finally have seized him, but they allowed him to enter the country, he roamed freely for nearly a year,” Ingraham told Schmitt. “He is a Somalia member of al-Shabaab, and this was an internal federal memo the Daily Caller News Foundation got its hands on.”


The al-Shabaab member illegally entered the United States near San Ysidro, California, according to the memo, and was nabbed in Minnesota on Jan. 20 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials nearly a year later.

U.S. authorities did not confirm his identity until Jan. 18, two days before he was taken into custody.

“They let him slip through and he went right to Minnesota, of course, where there is a very large Somali community in Minnesota,” Ingraham said. “It’s always been a concern of many people that, you know, allowing al-Shabaab members to come into the country in open border could be a real problem.”

Over 440,000 illegal immigrants were released into the United States in a three-month period, according to data released by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

CBP reported over 302,000 illegal immigrants came across the U.S.-Mexico border in December after nearly 380,000 illegal immigrants have been encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border during the first two months fiscal year 2024, which started Oct. 1, according to data released by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP). CBP reported 2,045,838 encounters in fiscal year 2023, 2,206,436 in fiscal year 2022 and 1,659,206 in fiscal year 2021.

“We don’t know who these people are or where they’re at,” Schmitt said about the released illegal immigrants. “Many people are being paroled, which by the way, is supposed to be individual adjudications, but Biden is illegally using that, by the way, one of the things he is doing wrong, for entire classes of people of certain countries with court dates sometimes in the 2030s. I mean, this is a total abuse of our system.”

“This is what happens when you have a bunch of open borders global citizens running the White House in the United States of America,” Schmitt continued.

Harold Hutchison on January 29, 2024

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