Fox Reporter Claims Discrimination, Harassment in New Roger Ailes Lawsuit

In a new lawsuit, reporter Lidia Curanaj discusses “misogynistic culture” at 21st Century Fox and recounts sexual harassment claims made in the past year by Gretchen Carlson and others against former Fox News boss Roger Ailes. Then, Curanaj recounts her own experience from 2011 after she allegedly met Ailes at a dinner and applied for a position.

According to the complaint filed in New York federal court, Curanaj (real name: Lidija Ujkic) had a group interview with multiple Fox News employees before being invited by Ailes for a private interview. There, Ailes allegedly launched a tirade that President Barack Obama was a Muslim “working with the terrorists” before shifting the discussion to the cable news network’s “recipe for success.”

“Specifically, Ailes told Ms. Curanaj that he always made sure that the women on FNC were shown ‘from the feet up,’ meaning that their legs would be visible to the television audience,” states the lawsuit. “Ailes stated that, for this reason, it is ‘important [for female talent] to look good from head to toe.'”

Ailes allegedly asked Curanaj to stand up and turn around so that he could see her from behind. She complied, and Ailes commented, “I like what I see,” according to the complaint.

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