FRANK GAFFNEY: Stop The Marxist Makeover Of America’s Military

Senator Dick Durbin said the quiet part out loud on the Senate floor yesterday in opposing Republican efforts to do something about Joe Biden’s wide open borders. He noted that the U.S. military – which Team Biden has also been wrecking with its purges of patriots, forced jabs with illegal, unsafe vaccines and Marxist policies and leaders – needs to tap what he described as “undocumented” persons who “want to serve and risk their lives for this country.”

In other words, the senior Senator from Illinois believes that we should encourage enlistment by not only U.S. citizens and those immigrants who have come here legally. He wants the ranks to be open to those whose first act in this country has been criminally trespassing to get here.

Sen. Durbin is certainly correct in noting, at least implicitly, that the Biden administration’s effective destruction of the nation’s borders has created an immense pool of fit, usually unaccompanied military-age men who are willing, as they say, to do a job in uniform that increasing numbers of Americans won’t.

The bad news is that many of those illegal aliens who would probably be happy to enlist, especially if they get fast-tracked for citizenship, appear to be Communist Chinese special forces. And countless others hail from the armies, terrorist organizations, and prisons of Sharia-supremacist or otherwise hostile nations.

To be sure, Sen. Durbin says such recruits would need to “pass a background check.” Nearly all of them, however, have made a point of having no identification or other documentable background. And we certainly can’t expect any help from such illegal immigrants’ nations of origin that might prevent their entry into the U.S. armed services.

In the past two decades of war, our troops have had plenty of hard experience with so-called “green-on-blue” attacks in which supposedly trustworthy Afghan, Iraqi, or even American personnel murderously attacked their comrades-in-arms.  What are the chances that those who turn out to be People’s Liberation Army or jihadist “undocumented” migrants will do the same? Probably 100 percent.

And what can go wrong if we provide training, arms and abundant opportunities to engage in sabotage, assassinations and other attacks that our assorted enemies would like to execute against our people, communities and infrastructure? The short answer is a lot.

Especially alarming is the prospect that the Marxist officers whose promotions the administration insists the Senate must approve without scrutiny or debate will fail to screen out such individuals. After all, why allow concerns about possible problems with force security and/or an “enemy within” to preclude a process that will end yawning recruiting shortfalls?

Such screening is even more unlikely since greenlighting those recruits would further the Biden Pentagon’s “diversity, inclusion and equity” agendas and similar divide-and-conquer techniques of “fundamentally transforming” – read, demoralizing, brainwashing and otherwise hollowing out – our military.

Moreover, it has been observed that the ancient Romans catalyzed the downfall, first of the republic, and then the empire, by opening their legions to non-citizens who proved, at best, loyal to their commanders and ultimately to Rome’s enemies.

Could the ultimate upshot of all these Obama-Biden 3.0 transformations be an American military that fails to fulfill its sworn oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and instead turns, as Joe Biden memorably put it, U.S. “F-15s” and other weapons against patriotic and law-abiding citizens?

If this sounds to you as insane as it actually is, join us in telling your Senators to stop the Marxist makeover of our armed services. Take action at

Frank Gaffney on December 10, 2023

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