French Authorities Arrest 16 People in Kim Kardashian Robbery Case

French authorities seem to be getting closer to the bottom of what happened on that horrifying night in October.

According to several French reports, police have arrested 16 suspects who may be connected to Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris. The reports also state that some of the suspects are still being held for questioning in France.

Kim just recently stepped back into the spotlight after taking a long hiatus from the public eye following the terrifying ordeal.

As E! News reported at the time of the incident, robbers held her at gunpoint in Paris and stole at almost $11 million worth of her jewelry, including one of her diamond rings that was reportedly an “upgraded” 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring Kanye West had given to her in September. Kanye had proposed to her in 2013 with a 15-carat ring.

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