‘Full House’ Creator Just Bought the Show’s Famous House — See What He’ll Do With It

The iconic San Francisco “Full House” home is staying in the family.

Show creator Jeff Franklin bought the house because it “came on the market and really, I just thought, I have to buy this house.” “I’m so sentimental about the house,” he told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday. “It’s great to have the house in our ‘Full House’ family and be able to preserve it for the fans. … Seriously, I love owning this house.”

After purchasing the home in August for $4 million, Franklin’s first order of business was painting the door back to red, just the way the Tanner family intended. The owners had painted it a pale shade of green.

“There are probably 250 fans per day that show up and take a picture in front of it,” he said, adding, “It will be a lot more fun for the fans because now the house will look like the Tanners really live there.”

My new house in San Francisco. Look familiar?!

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