Hillary Duff Blasts Millennials For Partying During Virus Panic

Actress Hillary Duff blasted her fellow millenials for their reported irresponsible mass decision to go out over Saint Patrick’s Day weekend to party instead of self-quarantining. As Fox News reports:

Hilary Duff is blasting her fellow millennials for not self-quarantining or practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The mom of two on Sunday posted a video to her Instagram Story telling “young” people to stay at home.

“To all you young millennial a–holes that keep going out partying: go home,” Duff, 32, said. She added, “Stop killing old people please.”

Still in space ♥️

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The actress also asked her followers for suggestions on what to watch while she and her family are stuck inside.

Over the weekend many municpalities ordered bars and restaurants in locations hard hit by the virus to close entirely in hopes of stopping the spread of the disease.

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